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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, which lists the most frequently asked questions by our users . We understand that you may have questions, concerns or need additional information, which is why we have made sure to answer them as clearly as possible. We hope this will save you time and find the answers you need in no time. Organized by categories , it will make it easier for you to find.

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The CHEBCO team


How to order from you?
You can order on our Secure Website . In case of difficulties, this is also possible (exceptionally) by email or by telephone with our team.
Can we come and see the products on site?
As we are an e-merchant, appointments are possible only to pick up orders (by appointment, during opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., except public holidays).
Can I modify my order, once it has been validated?
Without delay, you must contact our team to see if it is still possible to modify it (according to its preparation) . This is therefore case by case , depending on the progress of the processing of the order concerned.
How soon is my order shipped?
Our team makes every effort on a daily basis to ensure that orders are dispatched within 24/48 hours maximum (Monday to Friday, except public holidays): in principle, orders placed before 1.30pm are dispatched the same day . In the event of an unforeseen event, or in the event of force majeure, our team will take the necessary steps to inform you of this delay in sending your order (follow us on social networks to be informed in real time of any closures occasional company problems, setbacks, possible technical problems, etc.).
How do I track my package?
The tracking of your order will be communicated to you when your order is dispatched , by email (remember to check your junk mail / spam) and will be accessible from your customer account .
What is the return procedure?
To return a product ordered from our online shop, first contact our team by e-mail. You should contact us as soon as possible, because after the 14-day period from the date of delivery, the products in question will not be returned, refunded or exchanged, nor will they be eligible for a credit note. Then (after a positive exchange with the team), you can download and print the returns form (click on "returns form"), which you must enclose with your returns package.
In the event of a refund, how will I be refunded and within what time frame?
We make refunds by bank transfer , within a reasonable time ( 30 days maximum ).
What is the procedure in case of error in my order?
We invite you to consult the article dedicated to this subject on our Blog, entitled “ The procedure in case of error in a CHEBCO command ”. In any case, if you wish to return one or more products to us, it is imperative to contact our team as soon as possible, by respecting the said procedure.
Do you have sales and special offers?
Our philosophy being to offer you quality parts at competitive prices all year round , we only make occasional promotional offers on certain products only. The team will inform you, if necessary, on its social networks and/or through its newsletter (remember to subscribe to it: no spam, only essential information).
Can I order as a guest?
At the time of validation of your basket, you will be required to log in with your login details , or to create a customer account , if you have not yet do.


What is a pre-order?
A "pre-order" simply consists of purchasing (reserving) a product before its scheduled release date on our Website. Products that can be reserved in this way are indicated by a coloured banner bearing the words "Pre-order". These products are not available immediately as they are still being manufactured or transported by our partners. This allows you to purchase them as a priority (sometimes with a specific advantage). Once the pre-order date has expired (items now in stock with us), it is no longer possible to pre-order them, but you can buy them directly (depending on remaining stock).
How do I place a pre-order?
To buy a product marked as a 'Pre-order', simply add it to your basket, pay for it and wait for it to be dispatched by Chebco (as a reminder, the delivery date to us is given as an indication). Once the product has been received and checked at Chebco's premises, Chebco will dispatch it to you as soon as possible. To find out more about delivery times, please see our dedicated page. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the order reference number.
How can I be sure that my pre-order has been confirmed?
Once you have confirmed your pre-order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This confirmation e-mail will summarise the product(s) pre-ordered (and any other products in stock). If you have not received anything within the next 24/48 hours, please contact our team at [email protected] (before doing so, please check your junk mail/spam), so that you don't miss out on your chance to benefit from the pre-order of the moment!
When will I be invoiced?
Once you have placed your pre-order, as with any purchase on our Site, we will contact your bank to check the validity of the payment method used. To do this, we pre-authorise your payment method. As with a normal order, the total amount of your pre-order will be debited immediately from the payment method you have indicated. We will send you an e-mail when it is dispatched. As with a normal order, if your payment method is not valid, we will send you an e-mail to cancel the pre-order.
What happens if I also include items that are immediately available on your Site?
Please note that if you order pre-ordered products AND products that are in stock, your order will not be dispatched until all the products ordered are available. If you are in a hurry to receive products directly from stock, consider placing separate orders in this case (unless you don't mind waiting). These products in stock cannot under any circumstances be sent separately/earlier than pre-ordered products. You should therefore place two separate orders if you need to receive the products immediately available on our Website.
When will I receive my pre-order?
Once they have been received at the Chebco warehouse (and after the goods have been carefully checked), the items will be dispatched very quickly, in the same way as normal consignments. The estimated date of arrival at Chebco is indicated on the product sheet. Once they have been dispatched by Chebco, delivery times will vary according to the carrier you have chosen when validating and paying for your pre-order. As a reminder, orders are not dispatched on Saturdays and Sundays, nor on public holidays (and holiday periods, announced in advance by all appropriate means of communication).
What happens if there is a delay in the arrival date of pre-ordered products?
The indicative delivery date indicated on our Site is based on information communicated to us by our distributors, manufacturers or carriers, and may therefore be subject to change (beyond our control). If the said release date changes, or if the release is purely and simply cancelled, we will inform you of this on the relevant product sheet and/or by e-mail as soon as possible, to the e-mail address you gave when you placed the order (please make sure you fill this in correctly!).
Is it possible to pre-order several items?
Of course you can! Don't let us stop you! There is no maximum quantity you can pre-order.
Where can I track my pre-order?
If you have pre-ordered a product on our Website, you can view it by logging directly into your customer account. You will also receive an e-mail, to the e-mail address given when you placed the pre-order, informing you of the actual dispatch of the order. You will also be able to track the carrier in your account.
Will I be informed when my pre-order has been dispatched?
Yes, just like a normal order, once your pre-order has been dispatched, we will send you our carrier's tracking number by e-mail.
How can I pay for a pre-order and can I pay in instalments?
The payment methods are similar to those for a standard order, and you can also opt to pay in instalments.
What are the delivery methods for a pre-ordered product?
These are the same as for a standard order: you can find them here.

Classified ads (second-hand parts)

How can I place an ad online?
All you need to do is submit a request via our contact form, filling in ALL the information requested and attaching a minimum of 3 high-quality photos. Once we have all this information, the team will take care of putting it online as quickly as possible. For more information, go to the dedicated page.
Can I move my ad to the top of the list?
Unfortunately not. As putting your ad online is free, we publish them in chronological order of arrival of requests. If you want to give your ad more prominence, use the "Share" button to share it with your network through the various channels available.
Can I post several ads in the "Classifieds" area?
Of course you can. To make it easier for our team to process your requests, please make as many requests to place as many items for sale or to search for. Thank you for your understanding.
Can I pause my ad?
Yes, you can ask our team to temporarily suspend the publication of your ad. You should remember to ask the team to put it back online in due course.

Gift card

How do I use my gift card?
All you have to do is enter the code (letters and numbers) indicated on your gift card in the box entitled "Promo code" when you finalize your basket.
How long is my gift card valid?
Our gift card is valid for 1 year from its activation/purchase . The expiration date will be indicated on the physical gift card given to you.
Can I combine a gift card and a promo code?
Yes, it is possible . Enter the code of your gift card then contact us directly so that we can add the promo code manually.
How can I obtain a refund in the event of payment (partial or total) by gift card?
In the event of a partial or total purchase using a gift card, the refund will be depending on the method of payment (refund/classic credit OR new gift card up to the amount valid for one year or one more credit).

E-gift cards

What is the difference between the classic gift card (physical) and the e-gift card (electronic)?
With the e-gift card, you no longer have to wait for delivery a few days after buying it on our website. The e-gift card is sent immediately (or on the scheduled date) by email (to the purchaser or recipient directly) in PDF format. All the recipient has to do is use the code on our site when validating the basket (or print it out, if it is to be given as a gift).
Unlike the classic (physical) cardboard gift card, which you receive by post within a few days, the visual of the e-gift card can be chosen according to the event, and is available in 6 different languages like our Site (please be indulgent with the translations ;)).
You can offer it at any time (24/7), unlike the classic (physical) gift card. The latter can only be sent by our team during our Monday to Friday opening hours, and you'll have to wait for it in your letterbox, whereas the e-gift card will be available at any time!
Finally, the e-gift card allows you to choose the amount you wish to spend (to the nearest euro!).
How do I use an e-gift card?
All you have to do is enter the 12-character code shown on the e-gift card when you check out, in the "Promotional code" box.
Please note that this code, associated with the e-gift card, can only be used once (make sure you use the full amount you received as a gift!).
Any unused amount cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent by Chebco.
As a reminder, resale is strictly prohibited.
How do I send the e-gift card to a friend or family member?
It couldn't be easier to send the e-gift card directly to the recipient.
All you have to do is opt to send it directly by email. Make sure you fill in this information correctly, as it cannot be changed once the order (payment) has been validated.
You can add as many e-gift cards as you like to your basket and choose different recipients for each one.
Is the e-gift card nominative?
No. You can place an order for an e-gift card, receive it at your personal e-mail address and forward it to the recipient at the e-mail address of your choice, or give it to the recipient in person after printing it out.
What are the different ways of sending an e-gift card?
To ensure you have the best possible experience, you can choose between :
  • Receive the e-gift card at your personal e-mail address (entered in your customer account) so that you can print it at home or forward it by e-mail to the recipient.
  • Send it directly by email to the recipient of your choice, on the date of your choice (with no time limit).
Can I choose the date the e-gift card is sent?
Yes, you can choose the date on which it will be sent (but unfortunately not yet the exact time).
What is the delivery time for the e-gift card?
An e-gift card is sent within a few minutes of confirmation of payment, if you have chosen to have it sent to your personal email address.
If you have decided to send it directly to the recipient, it will be sent on the date you have chosen.
I made a mistake in the recipient's e-mail address. What should I do?
If you decided to send it to the recipient on the same day as the payment, unfortunately we will not be able to change the email address as the e-gift card will have been sent immediately after payment confirmation. In this case, please contact our team by telephone or e-mail.
If you have opted to schedule the gift card to be sent to the recipient, please contact our team as soon as possible so that we can change the email address before it is sent.
How do I access my e-gift card?
You will be able to download it as an attachment to your e-mail, once payment has been confirmed. Be sure to keep the e-mail and its attachment, as no copy of the e-gift card can be retrieved from your customer account!
The recipient of the e-gift card hasn't received it, what can I do?
First of all, check with them that the e-gift card has not arrived in their spam folder.
If it still hasn't arrived, contact our team by phone or email: together we'll check the recipient's address and we'll then be able to send it back to them for you.
How can I get a refund on a product if I use an e-gift card?
If you purchase products on our Site using an e-gift card, please contact our team by telephone or e-mail to discuss this with them.


From what amount do I have free shipping?
Whatever the country of destination of the order, you will have free shipping costs from 250 euros including tax .
My online payment is refused, what should I do?
Some reasons related to payment errors can explain the refusal to take into account the payment:
  • a opposition in progress on your bank card
  • an error in the bank details provided (check them carefully!)
  • a ceiling exceeded (the maximum authorized threshold per month may have been reached, contact your bank to verify this or consult your banking application, if applicable)

There may also be technical errors :
  • a technical error on our site (this can happen, our apologies in advance!). If so, check it with us or try again later.
  • a problem related to the authentication of your means of payment (the 3D verification may have failed, for example)
If this does not meet any situation , we recommend that you try to settle with another credit card or even change your payment method . Finally, contact your bank if it still doesn't work.
Can we retract after purchasing a product?
Unfortunately, no . If necessary, it will be necessary to use the return procedure , which will give rise to an exchange, refund or credit note.
I am a member of an association/club (of Solex, for example), am I entitled to a specific reduction?
We invite you to contact us, if necessary, in order to validate beforehand whether you are eligible for this system.
What means of payment do you accept?
You can pay for your order on our secure Site by:
  • bank card
  • transfer
  • gift card
  • PayPal
  • cheque
How to use a coupon code ?
It must be completed in the insert dedicated to this purpose (Basket Page), just before proceeding to the final validation of the basket . The total amount of the order will then be recalculated according to the promo code entered. In case of difficulties, contact our team.
How does payment in 3x or 4x free of charge work?
At the time of payment, choose PayPal to benefit from these payment facilities: no administration fees, no late fees.
A first payment, corresponding to 25% of the purchase, is due on the day of the order. The following installments will be debited automatically .
To know the deadlines before adding the product to the basket, click on "Find out more" (in the section "Enjoy many advantages"): all the conditions of eligibility for this service will be specified there.
How does 3D Secure work?
It is a security protocol for online payments, adopted by many credit card issuers and used to protect online transactions against fraud .
It requires an additional verification of the identity of the cardholder at the time of online payment: the cardholder is asked to enter a password or a unique PIN code for each transaction, at the time of redirection to an additional verification page .
If verification is successful, the transaction is authorized and the cardholder is redirected to a purchase confirmation page .
Although it may seem tedious or slow to make an online purchase, 3D Secure has become a security standard for online payments.
What can I do to pay with 3D Secure if I don't have a smartphone?
If you do not have a smartphone to perform the 3D Secure verification, here are the solutions available to you:
  • use a credit card with a physical security key (small electronic device) that can be used to generate a unique code with each transaction
  • use an instant messaging system : Some issuers allow users to receive a verification code through a messaging system like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • use a personal password : some issuers allow you to configure a personal password to complete the 3D Secure verification process
  • contact the bank : if none of the options are possible for you, you can contact them to find out about the possible options.
When am I debited from my bank account?
You will be charged when the order is shipped .
Where can I get my invoice?
Find and edit your invoices directly on your customer account .


In which countries do you deliver?
We deliver everywhere in the world. Shipping costs will vary depending on the country in question. They will be indicated to you when choosing the delivery method.
In the event that you cannot find a country , please send us an email indicating 1) the details of your order (prices vary according to weight) and 2) your full postal address and 3) your phone number. These elements will allow us to find out as soon as possible about the corresponding transport costs and to provide you with a solution to finalize your order with us.
What are your delivery methods?
You can opt for:
  • home delivery
  • Express Delivery
  • delivery to a relay point of your choice
How long do I have to collect my parcel from a Relay Point?
This will depend on the Pickup Point in question but it is usually around 12 days (from delivery) . The time will be indicated to you at the time of the confirmation of arrival of the package in the Relay Point chosen (by the carrier). If in doubt, contact the establishment in question directly , because the team no longer has control of it from the moment your order has been entrusted to them. We draw your attention to the vigilance of the follow-up of your parcel and to your reactivity to recover it within the time allowed (in order to avoid a second sending, and the related costs!).
What happens if I don't pick up my package on time at a Relay Point?
The package will be returned to us and we will be obliged to re-invoice you the costs of the second shipment (a fixed amount of 9 euros, to date) . Be careful to get it back before it leaves!
Can I collect my order directly from you?
If you live near our logistics warehouse located in Villejust (Essonne – 91) , you can ask to collect your order on site, in order to benefit from free shipping costs . In general, the availability of the order is within half a day, if the desired parts are in stock .
It will be necessary to contact us by mail or by telephone beforehand to choose this option. We will then give you the exact address to pick up your package.
If applicable, consider:
  • make an appointment in advance , during opening hours (Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., except public holidays)
  • Bring your ID
  • bring a means of payment such as cash or check (no credit card terminal on site)
What are the delivery times ?
It varies according to the carrier and the delivery method chosen. To give you an idea, in normal times in mainland France , for orders:
  • delivered to your home via DPD: 24/48h (working days)
  • delivered in Relay point: 24/48h (working days)
  • delivered by Express via Chronopost: 24 hours (if order placed before 1 p.m.)
  • collected directly from our logistics warehouse: within half a day by appointment only (if parts are available)
What are the shipping fees ?
Delivery costs depend on the delivery method and the country of delivery. They will be indicated to you just before confirming your order .
My order is incomplete, what should I do?
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the procedure that must be followed by consulting the article dedicated to this subject on our Blog, entitled “ in a CHEBCO order »


I forgot my password, what should I do?
When creating your account, an mail containing your personal information was sent to you. If you have not kept it, go to the connection to your customer account and click on the "forgotten password" link . A new email containing a link to change your password will be forwarded to you.
How to check the availability of a product?
On our Site, go to the product sheet of the desired product . If it can be added to the basket, it means that it is in stock. Unavailable products are indicated as "Out of stock".
How do I get a history of my orders?
If you have a customer account, you can find it here . If necessary, our team can send it to you on request by email or through the contact form.
How can I contact customer service?
You can contact the team by email at [email protected] or by phone at or at .
I am facing a technical problem on the Site, what should I do?
First, try deleting your browsing history and clearing the cache . Relaunch a window. Tip: try to connect in private browsing to validate your order. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us with as much information as possible to help you as best we can (error message, problem encountered, product concerned, etc.).
Do you offer a warranty on spare parts?
No .
How do I manage my newsletter subscription?
We invite you to receive our news about products or related to our company , our promotions , our tips to answer best meet your expectations...
It is as easy to subscribe (via the banner at the bottom of the page of our Website) as to unsubscribe (at the bottom of each communication , or by emailing us directly) .
How to be alerted of product returns in stock?
Some references, or sizes, may be temporarily unavailable, out of stock on our site. You will therefore not be able to order them. We invite you to subscribe to the alert by email , directly in the product sheet ("Notify me when the product is available") , in order to be informed without delay of its return to stock. This will save you from regularly checking it on the Site.
How do I access my personal data?
For the sake of confidentiality and security of the data of its users, we have implemented a strict policy of access to personal data, processed by us.
For any request, by email or through our contact form, please send us your identity document or any other proof . We will do our best to get back to you within a month. If necessary, also consult our Privacy Policy .
Where can I submit a satisfaction notice?
First of all, a big thank you from the whole team, this gesture touches us particularly. If you wish to share your satisfaction with our service, you can leave an opinion/comment (even one or more photos) on our Google page, at the following link :
Do you have any current job or internship offers?
We invite you to consult the job offers and internships to be filled, if necessary, by consulting our Linkedin profile, accessible at the following link: Linkedin profile . We will also make sure to share these announcements on our other social networks.
If you wish to send us an unsolicited application, do not hesitate to send it to us via our contact form.