In regards to (ex: Cafesolex)
Chebco (ex: Cafesolex) is a website dedicated to parts for Solex.

We do our best to provide you with quality parts so that our Solex will be backfired for a long time to come!

Quality product
European manufacturing
French made

Starting waves of Solex at the 70th anniversary of the Solex 2016:

The Chebco team (ex: Cafesolex) strives to offer you quality parts that have been designed, produced, tested before betting on production and sales.

Some parts are still made with the original tools and moulds, allowing you to obtain 100% original parts.

We are at your disposal if you are looking for new and used parts, we will try to satisfy your needs as much as possible.


The entire Chebco team (ex: Cafesolex) is at your disposal to advise you on your purchases or problems with your Solex. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Tires, Inner tube, rim tape, Optics, Light, Bulb, Step, Saddle, Mudguard rod, Mudguard, Sheath passage, Sheath, Cable.

Gasket set, Segments, Ring, Magnetic flywheel cover, Tank, Headlight cover, Carburetor, Fuel filter, Air filter, Jet, Motor shaft, Breaker, Condenser.

Tee-Shirt, Front crash barrier, Rear crash barrier, Beret, Cap, Beanie, Watch, Tools.