Restore Repair your VéloSolex

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Restore Repair your VéloSolex


Ideal for a birthday, Father's Day or Christmas gift!

Back cover:

A black bike with a motor on the front wheel, this is how the VéloSolex is defined. of a simple design but endowed with exemplary reliability, the VéloSolex, after a prolonged shutdown, must undergo a partial or complete restoration. This guide gives you advice on its purchase and identification. Each part of the VéloSolex is detailed there; the engine, the roller drive, the carburetion, the ignition and the cycle part.

For a good understanding of interventions and breakdowns, repair techniques are developed step by step; the re-magnetization of a magnetic flywheel, the spokes of a wheel, sheet metal work, painting and making threads, polishing, etc. This guide, full of images and technical explanations, will quickly become essential to successfully carry out the restoration of your VéloSolex.


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