Book “Motobécane, the universal moped”

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Motobécane, the universal moped


Back cover:

The Moped is universal. Fourteen million copies were made and many of them are still circulating around the world. The history of the Mobylette, and that of its manufacturer Motobécane, is deeply linked to the industrial adventure of the 20th century.

What family has not counted among its members a devotee of the Mobylette, from uncle to nephew, from grandmother to grandson, rare are those who have not clutched the handlebars of these blue ones in their hands , yolks or cauldron. After a presentation of Motobécane, founded in 1923 and now known as MBK, this book will guide you through the history of the Mobylette, from 1949 and today. Beyond the historical aspect and the faithful description of the different models, you will discover throughout the pages the short story of the people who designed and manufactured the Mobylette.

You will continue reading by leafing through a photo album which, from Pantin to St-Quentin, will allow you, through numerous unpublished documents, to learn about the manufacturing of a Moped and to participate in the life of the Motobécane factories. Finally, for those who take the plunge and embark on the restoration of their grandfather's "Mob", a technical chapter takes up the advice and tips from the period workshop manual, accompanied by some courses from the school Motobecane.


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