We're delighted to give you exclusive access to high-quality products even before they officially arrive on our Website! Immerse yourself in a unique shopping experience where you can be among the first to own the latest innovations for your two wheels!

In fact, these items are on pre-order because they are often in high demand or limited to a few copies, and may be sold out even before they arrive in stock!

So you can be sure you'll have the product as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. No more risk of stock-outs! This option allows you to reserve one or more products, even before they are in stock on our site!

It is possible to group together a pre-ordered product with items already in stock on our site BUT, in this case, please note that your order (in its entirety) will only be dispatched when the pre-ordered product is ALSO available on our premises: there will be no split shipment. Products in stock on our site will then be put on hold.

Therefore, if you are in a hurry or don't want to keep these immediately available products waiting, don't hesitate to place separate orders (e.g. finalise your order with the immediately available products and place another order separately, consisting solely of the product(s) in stock).

However, we strongly encourage our customers to consolidate their orders into a single parcel, not only to avoid double payment of postage costs, but also for environmental reasons. By consolidating your items, you are actively helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping, demonstrating your commitment to more sustainable consumption. Chebco therefore calls on everyone - as far as possible - to act as an environmental conscience and adopt responsible practices to preserve our Planet."


Products currently on pre-order

Arrival around mid-April 2024 :

7 models of approved Jet Helmets (FREE DELIVERY !)

Solex 3300 - 3800 crutch

Cylinder head lowered -1 mm Solex

Complete cylinder head lowered -1mm Solex

Frame cover Solex 2200

Solex Handlebar expander

Complete rear red light Solex 5000

Handklebar Solex 5000

New Solex headset

Solex Copper Seals

Solex brake axle nut plate

Solex 3800 luggage rack

Chebco registration card holder

Solex 5000 rear light support

Solex 5000 front rods

Solex 5000 rear rods

Solex 3800 5000 Crankshaft

Solex 5000 front stay/fender screw

Solex 5000 front spar bolt/axle

Solex 5000 rear spar screw/pin

Solex 5000 luggage rack screw/axle

Screw/axle of saddle-luggage rack Solex 5000

Solex 5000 seat screw

Arrival around May 2024 :

Solex 3800 Polished stainless steel front cycle mudguard

Solex 3800 stainless steel rear cycle mudguard

Find out about pre-order products


The stages of a pre-order


Validating a pre-order

Explore the selection of upcoming products on our Site (banner indicating "Pre-orders" status). As with a standard item, the product item will include at least one visual, its price, its main characteristics and the estimated delivery period (for guidance only) to Chebco's premises. Choose the item(s) you like and add them to your shopping basket, just like a normal order.


Payment for a pre-order, as part of the reservation

As with a standard order, you can complete your pre-order simply by paying for it using the payment method of your choice (the same rules apply as for a 'standard' order). However, unlike a standard purchase (which will be dispatched within 24/48 hours maximum, during our opening hours from Monday to Friday), you will be reminded of the estimated delivery date/period, so that you can anticipate the arrival of your new items.

To validate your pre-order, you will need to pay the full amount (as well as the delivery charges and any other products immediately available in our online shop) in order to block the reservation of the product(s). As soon as the product is available in our stock (and has been checked by our team), we will inform you and send you your order as soon as possible (during our opening hours from Monday to Friday).

You can also pay in instalments for pre-ordered products.


Delivery of a pre-ordered product

Once your order has been confirmed, wait patiently for your products (in the meantime, don't hesitate to share this great offer with others!)

As a reminder, once the pre-ordered products have been received at Chebco's premises, the team will reserve the time needed to check them scrupulously before being able to dispatch them to each customer as quickly as possible. Chebco will ensure that the products are not faulty or missing, for example.

The dates of arrival in stock are indicative, insofar as they are communicated by our distributors and manufacturers. Chebco will not be held responsible for any delays in the delivery dates of the products initially announced. If new dates are given by manufacturers or distributors, it goes without saying that in the event of a delay in the delivery of the product(s), the team will ensure that the customers concerned are informed directly, where appropriate.

The actual dispatch of the product(s) will take place once the pre-order has arrived in Chebco's stock, the quality control has been carried out and the payment has been definitively validated by Chebco.

If, exceptionally and beyond Chebco's control, the pre-order cannot be fulfilled by Chebco (reduced production quantity, release cancelled by the manufacturer, defective products received resulting in a shortfall in the quantities ordered, etc.), Chebco cannot be held responsible and the pre-order will be refunded. The refund will be made by the original means of payment or the one chosen by mutual agreement between Chebco and the customer, if applicable.

In case of cancellation of the pre-order by Chebco, due to reduced / insufficient quantities available with regard to the number of pre-orders of the product, Chebco will dispatch the products in the order of arrival of the pre-orders.



For more information, you can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, under 'Pre-orders', or contact our team directly at [email protected].