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Agenda évènements Solex et Cyclomoteurs anciens 2024

Would you like to take part in some unique and unforgettable Solex and vintage moped events in 2024? Then you've come to the right place! This page offers you a (non-exhaustive) calendar of rides, rallies, races, markets, exhibitions and many other events planned in France and abroad around the Solex and mopeds that you (and we!) love so much.

It will help you plan your outings now, based on the dates and places that suit you, so that you can enjoy new experiences and meet other enthusiasts like yourself. Whether you're already planning your itinerary for the year, or simply looking for inspiration for your next getaway, our calendar is here to guide you. We can't wait for you to share your photos with us!

And don't hesitate to let us know about other events that we haven't listed yet, by sending us an email at [email protected]. We'll be delighted to add them to the diary so that you can enjoy some unforgettable moments! Your contribution is invaluable in enabling us to enrich our diary.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the diary today and get ready for a 2024 full of emotions, discoveries and unforgettable events! Keep up to date with the new events regularly added to the diary.

As the diary is constantly evolving, new events will be added regularly, so be sure to check back often to make sure you don't miss anything!

Here are a few events already listed by region :


  • Sunday 10 March 2024 : Solex exchange / exhibition / demonstration

Location : Irodouër (35)

Organised by : Le Solex des Tropiques

  • From 16 to 20 May 2024 : 57th edition of Rock'n Solex

Venue : Campus de Beaulieu, Rennes (35)

Organised by : students from INSA Rennes

  • Sunday 19 May 2024 : 1st Moped Ride (for pre-1990 mopeds only)

Location : Baud (56)

Organised by : Tom Le Gloahec-Henanff (Instagram @tom_lgh_mopeds)

  • Sunday 8 September 2024 : Bourse mécanique (vintage cars, motorbikes, bicycles)

Location : Plouhinec (29)

Organised by : Mob Kozh 29

  • Sunday 15 September 2024 : 23rd Solex Costume Ride

Venue : Quiberon (56)

Organised by : Solex Club Quiberon


  • Sunday 10 March 2024 : Exchange market

Place : Sandillon (45)

Organised by : Solex et cyclos anciens sandillonnais

  • Sunday 14 April 2024 : "8th friendly ride of the Amicale des Vieux Guidons Nantais (for vintage motorbikes prior to 1975)".

Place : ORVAULT (44)

Organised by : AVGN

  • Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April 2024 : 1st motorbike and car show, flea market, garage sale, designer's corner, vintage car exhibition on Sunday

Location : Chissay-en-Touraine (41)

Information :

  • Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April 2024 : Festi'mob (exhibition, concours d'élégance, drag race, Solex special ride...)

Location : Avoine (37)

Organised by : Rétro Chinon Mob #2


  • Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March 2024 : 38th bourse d'échanges (Chebco stand)

Location : Vagney (88)

Organised by : Rétro-Loisirs Ligne Bleue

  • Sunday 7 April 2024 : Motorbike Day from 10am to 6pm (motorbike exhibition, exchange, spare parts, second-hand motorbikes, entertainment, etc.) - free admission

Location : 23 Route de Marienthal - Kaltenhouse (67)

Organised by : ANMC

Information : [email protected] ;

  • Sunday 14 April 2024: Balade Mob Géante du Contrôle Technique (70km ride for mobs and Solexes, open to all without registration and free of charge)

Location: Pont à Mousson (54)

Organised by: Les raisins, La Mob des Vosges, les Mob's de l'Est, Elass Mob

More info


  • Sunday 28 April 2024: Solex, moped or vintage motorbike ride for the National Vintage Vehicle Day (approx. 70 km round trip on a small road away from traffic)

Location: Meet at Lingolsheim, Stade Joffre Lefebvre, 42 Rue de Graffenstaden at 9am for coffee. Head for Allenwiller - Sommerau for a special visit to the Musée du Patrimoine Agricole, opened especially for the Journée Nationale des Véhicules d'Époque Alsace (no need to register). The itinerary is also free, depending on your vehicle, so you can take the motorway or the smaller departmental roads.

Organised by: Collection Solex Alsace

Information and contact: reservation by Wednesday 24 April 2024 at the latest on

  • Wednesday 1 May 2024 : Solex outing (2 loops of around 40 km on flat ground)

Location : Osthouse (67)

Organised by : Galets et courroies d'Alsace

Information: meet and greet at 8.45am at the Salle de Project-III, rue des Vergers in Osthouse. Departure at 9.30am. No prior registration required. Return to the starting point at midday for a packed lunch.

  • Sunday 5 May 2024 : Bourse expo

Venue : Wittenwheim (68)

Organised by : La moto ancienne d'Alsace

  • Saturday 3 August 2024 : ShOwLEX

Place : Chambley (54)

Organised by : Solex Passion Mécanique

Information : driving on the Chambley circuit, countryside ride, various Solex events, trade fair.

  • Sunday 4 August 2024 : details to follow

Organised by Galets et courroies d'Alsace

  • Sunday 1 September 2024 : details to follow

Organised by Galets et courroies d'Alsace


  • From 18 to 20 May 2024 : 30th anniversary of the Solex Club Spirales Calais

Location : Calais (62)

Organised by : Solex Club Spirales Calais à MARCK

  • Sunday 23 June 2024 : "La Solexiade Casseloise": Solex and related events

Location : Town of CASSEL (59)

Organised by : Auto Rétro Halluin


  • Saturday 2 March 2024 : "34th Pre-1975 Motorcycle Fair

Venue : Pontchartrain (78)

Organised by : Les Bielles de Jadis

  • Wednesday 1 May 2024 : "34th Pre-1994 Motorcycle and Car Show" 

Location : Sainte Geneviève des bois (91)

Organised by : Les Vielles Bielles Génovéfaines


  • Sunday 24 March 2024 : Mob's and cyclo rally (9am at l'Airial) and 50km course in the afternoon

Location: Soustons (40)

Organised by : Car et Moto Addiction Soustons



  • Saturday 1 June 2024 : 2nd P'tits Cubes Day

Venue : Bergouey-Viellenave (64)

Organised by : Club Baque des Véhicules Anciens

Information: Eric at [email protected] or

  • Sunday 9 June 2024 : 16th Solex Spring Ride

Location : Château de la Garenne de Cersay (79), meeting at 9am (return at 6pm)

Organised by : Le Tuar Automobile

Information : participation €10 (helmet and insurance compulsory), bring a picnic or reserve a tray, registration on

  • Thursday 15 August 2024 : Festival at the port of Chaillevette (17, near Marennes d'Oléron)

9am: Chaillevette discovery tour / 10am: large Solex gathering and parade / 12pm: picnics / 3pm: musette ball (free) / 7pm: traditional sardinade, evening ball and bonfire (reservations recommended)

Organised by : The Son's of Solex du 17


  • Sunday 26 May 2024 : "Sors ta mob" exhibition and swap meet

Location : Touffreville La Corbeline (76)

Organised by : Comité des fêtes de Touffreville la Corbeline

  • Saturday 24 August 2024 : 5h Solex endurance race

Venue : Valognes (50)

Organised by : ASV Foot Valognes and Les Solex du Donjon


  • Sunday 12 May 2024 : mob exhibition (8am-4pm - free admission) - 20km cycle ride with lunch in the morning (€5)

Location : Place du général de Gaulle - Peyrols (34)

Organised by : Association E.P.A.V.E.

Information and registration : 

  • From 18 to 19 May 2024 : Festi'Mob (3 moped rides and 1 Solex ride)

Location : Port Saint-Cyprien (66)

Organised by : Tourisme Saint-Cyprien

  • Saturday 1st June 2024 : "7th Vayrac Solex Day

Venue : Vayrac (46)

Organised by : SOLEX IN VAYRAC Registration before 28 May 2024 ([email protected])


  • Sunday 5 May 2024 : "16ème de la Solexarde

Venue : La Roche sur Yon (85)

Organised by : Les Solexards Vendéens


  • Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2024 : Weekend in Zeeland

Venue : Westkapelle

Organised by : Club Solex de Belgique

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