Air Pump Aluminium Solex 250mm


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Solex 3800 - 5000 air pump

This air pump is made of aluminium, it is sold with the fitting, Presta tip.

It mounts on Solex 3800 Motobécane, 3800 MBK, 3800 Hungarian, Solex 5000, Plisolex, Solex Flash, Mopex S4800

Length 250mm.

The air pump is mounted with the nozzle on the rear luggage rack of the solex.

The pump body is made of thick aluminum allowing not to have scratches or impacts quickly during use.

This pump does not fit on the 3800 Semi-Sinfac.

We also have the aluminum air pumps with a length of 300mm available here =>

Please check the fixing axis of your luggage rack carefully to avoid length problems.