Screw / seat axle complete Solex


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Complete seat bolt / axle

This screw holds the two side members, saddle, luggage rack and frame.

The screw has a 14 mm hexagonal head.

Total length of the screw 115 mm.

Central spacer outer diameter: 14 mm

Central spacer length: 58 mm

Connection spacer total length 34 mm
Connection spacer length 15 mm external diameter 14 mm

Connection spacer length 19 mm outside diameter 10 mm

Hexagonal nut: 13 mm

Galvanized steel

A Solex frame is fitted with a bolt (Screw + 1 Central Spacer + 2 Side Spacers + Washer + Nut).

Sold individually evening One screw + One central spacer + Two side spacers + One washer + One nut

Solex 3300-3800-5000