Loctite 638 bearing adhesive

Reference : S-10095


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Loctite n ° 638 Solex / Moped / Cyclo / Motorcycle / Automotive bearing adhesive

This glue allows a bearing to be held in its cage (example bearing 6203 for the solex)

Before applying the glue, you must clean the housing or shaft in question. There should be no oil.

Once properly cleaned, you can apply Loctite 638.

Once the glue is applied, the core will dry from 72 hours.

If you want to save time, we offer you the loctite activator SF 7649, which allows drying in 30 minutes.

Once dry, this glue will make it very difficult to disassemble the bearing in question. It will therefore have great resistance to use.

Green color

10 ML - 11 Gr

A technical sheet is available


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