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Solex exhaust manifold


This intake / exhaust manifold has an intake pipe with an interior diameter of 10mm unlike the original 6.5mm.

This increase of 3.5 mm allows the arrival of a larger quantity of the air / fuel mixture.

The nut of 14 of the old models is no longer used with this pipe, because it is directly welded with the intake pipe.

For assembly it will therefore be necessary to glue the carburetor on the pipe using the glue available by clicking here by orienting the carburetor well in its final position.

The pipe is supplied with two BTR head screws to simplify assembly.

For this to be effective it will be necessary to mount a pierced carburetor to also have more air / gasoline arrival.

The carburetor is available here: 9 mm carburettor

The adjustable nozzle is available here: Adjustable nozzle