Solex 3800 - 5000 engine case


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Solex 3800 - 5000 engine case

This housing is new reinforced manufacture. indeed, the original Solex housing tends to be too thin.

The Solex engine having a lot of vibrations during use, it is therefore often cracked.

This new production has therefore been reinforced in order to no longer have this problem.

Three reinforcements have been added inside the crankcase (in the axis of the crankshaft) to make it more resistant.

The whole crankcase is full and reinforced (last the fuel pump as well as around the rolling cage), it is therefore a little heavier than the origin in order to bring you reliability and robustness.

The four threaded holes accommodating the studs are fitted with helicals in order to be more resistant to forces.

The joint faces and bearing surfaces were reworked after molding in order to obtain good flatness.

The sale includes the side engine plate.

The oil seal used for this crankcase is a small oil seal available in this kit.

This casing can be mounted on Solex 3800 is 5000.