Carburettor 9 mm Solex 3300 - 3800 - 5000


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Carburetor for solex

This carburetor is type Solex carburetor modified (9 mm).

The carburetor is an essential part of the engine, it includes the fuel supply via a hose from the fuel pump and the air filter inlet via the air filter.

The dosage of the gasoline is done via the nozzle, the gasoline air mixture is made thereafter.

He can go directly into the intake pipe.

This carburetor is equipped with:

- Of a steel starter
- Stainless steel springs
- Steel bushel, cut in the mass (the origin is in plastic / alu which can break in the time)
- Fasteners of 9 mm type origin
- Steel air calibrator, more reliable than brass

- Boisseau type airplane wing carved in the mass (less disruption of the flow of air / gasoline and better idle at the cut of gases)

- The carburetor is drilled to 9 mm

This carburetor will improve the performance of your engine especially in speed and torque via a supply of air and gasoline in larger quantities.

No changes are expected for the installation of the carburetor.

This carburetor mounts on the 3300 3800 5000 solex

The carburettor is sold with the air calibrator, the intake ring and the 32cc nozzle.

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